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The best features we will see with the latest Apple Watch 8 leaks and rumors

Even though the Apple Watch 7 was purchased only a few months ago, the Apple Watch 8 is already in our minds. As we made clear in our review of the Apple Watch 7, although the latest Apple smartwatch impresses us, it still makes some features undesirable.

Apple introduces a new version of the best smartwatch every year. Therefore, the company is likely to work on the continuation of the Apple Watch 7. We haven’t seen any major leaks like the iPhone 14, but rumors that aren’t related to the latest model could be ruined. For Apple Watch 8.

As we all know, Apple is still planning a straight-edge redesign that many are waiting for. It could also bring a new health sensor to the Apple Watch 8, as the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6 don’t advertise much in terms of health. Meanwhile, watchOS 8 welcomes more types of workouts and the Mindfulness app to think about on a daily basis.

Still, what awaits us. The Apple Watch sets standards for wearable calculations, and it’s worth putting the first Apple Watch 8 rumors (and watchOS 9 rumors) on your radar.

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Apple Watch 8 latest rumors and news (updated March 14)

There was no Apple Watch news at the last Apple event. Here’s everything Apple didn’t say.
Mark Gurman claims that the Apple Watch 8 could be introduced in conjunction with the new Apple Watch SE and a rugged Apple Watch equipped with improved performance tracking and new chips.
According to a new report by Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch 8 may bypass rumors such as a skin temperature reader and a blood pressure monitor.

Possible release date and price of Apple Watch 8

Possible release date and price of Apple Watch 8
Possible release date and price of Apple Watch 8

We do not yet know the potential release date of the Apple Watch 8. However, based on previous Apple Watch presentations, we expect to see the next Apple Watch in September 2022.

Similarly, there is currently no information about the price of the Apple Watch 8. However, Apple has been maintaining the same price structure for several years, so we expect next year’s Apple Watch to match the price of the Apple Watch 7. contact.

Apple Watch 8 design

The appearance of the Apple Watch has hardly changed since the first model went on sale in 2016, but the iconic squirrel has been replaced by the Apple Watch 7 to accommodate larger screens in a curved body.

Although rumors about the Apple Watch 8 are quick, some rumors are spreading. The latest is the alleged rendering of the Apple Watch. We can’t confirm the legitimacy of this image, but if it’s true, the Apple Watch 8 won’t have a major design change unlike the Apple Watch 7.

But if the Apple Watch 8 gets the previously rumored improvements for the Series 7, it could follow the design language of newer, flatter iPhones. at the beginning of the year.

Prosser kept a schedule of a major design change – not necessarily the Apple Watch 7, saying its sources could transmit intelligence to a different future Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 8 design
Apple Watch 8 design

Another set of images released before the announcement of the Apple Watch 7 revealed plans to redesign the straight edge. The leaked CAD images shared by 91Mobiles have a completely flat design, including the screen.

Can Apple move from the most curved Apple Watch to the sharpest?

Sağlam Apple Watch, Apple Watch SE 2

The Apple Watch 8 is expected to follow in the footsteps of the cheaper Apple Watch SE, which will be two years old next September. For a complete guide to everything we know about mid-range watches, check out our Apple Watch SE 2 guide.

Compared to the best Apple Watch for those on a budget, we can see that the Apple Watch SE 2 starts at $ 279 with updated features.

There is also talk of a rugged Apple Watch designed to better engage outdoor sports fans. Whether it is one of the best sports watches depends on the battery life and GPS capabilities.

Rumors about a solid Apple Watch began before the launch of the Apple Watch 7, but according to Mark Gurman, who learned from Apple, it could be shipped with the new Apple Watch SE Series 8.

Apple Watch 8: What we want to see

Better battery life: The Apple Watch’s battery life has been rated at 18 hours for several years. Although the company always adds more tax features like open screen, you still can’t get past the daily payment. It is possible that with a larger battery capacity and a more efficient processor, the durability of the Apple Watch 8 will increase compared to previous generation models. Still, we hope so every year. Even the Apple Watch 7 significantly increased battery life, but it didn’t happen.

Skin Temperature Reader: According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is working on a skin temperature sensor found in the Fitbit Sense. The Wall Street Journal report targets 2022 as a possible target for this capability, which requires new equipment to monitor temperatures on the Apple Watch. It is likely that the watch’s ability to measure temperature can be shown as a productivity planning feature. According to Mark Gurman, this is still a possibility.

Blood Glucose Reader: Blood glucose measurements for the Apple Watch have been rumored for some time. Speaking of skin temperature readings, the Wall Street Journal report also confirms that Apple wants to help its smart watches detect or track diabetes.

There are already third-party programs that work with invasive pumps, but Apple is reportedly working on non-invasive methods to measure blood glucose levels. A recent report by DigiTimes further supported this, claiming that Apple had begun working with its suppliers to create short-wavelength infrared sensors that could monitor a user’s blood sugar level.

Blood pressure monitor: Like blood glucose measurement, rumors about blood pressure monitoring for the Apple Watch began some time ago. Shortly before the launch of the Apple Watch 7, Apple seemed ready to announce a health sensor, but it didn’t happen. As we can see, Samsung is still struggling to get FDA approval for the blood pressure monitor on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Apple Watch will not accept blood pressure monitoring until it has received the certifications required for the US application. .

MicroLED display: There are rumors that the Apple Watch may switch from an OLED display to a microLED display. It can offer a thinner and more energy-efficient Apple Watch. MicroLED displays offer better brightness and are not affected by the darkening problems of traditional OLED panels. In other words, the use of micro LED display technology can help increase the service life of the Apple Watch, which is always only 18 hours with the screen open.

Touch ID: The current biometric system of the Apple Watch is very simple. If you’re using a password, you’ll need to enter your password each time you turn on your Apple Watch. Given the amount of information your smartwatch can hold, we welcome more security. TouchID looks like a solution until the Apple Watch gets a local selfie camera for FaceID. The fingerprint reader may be attached to the side button or even under the Apple Watch screen.

Larger dimensions: Although the Apple Watch 7 has increased from 40 mm and 44 mm to 41 mm and 45 mm (as confirmed by the Apple Watch strips listed on Apple’s website), the Apple Watch still comes in larger sizes. The available sizes allow for a miniature user experience that is excellent for fabrics but impossible in terms of productivity. Adding a few millimeters to the Apple Watch may not seem like a big change, but it could allow the company to add things like more powerful microphones and speakers or a larger processor.

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