Best smartphone 2022

What is the best smartphone you can buy

It’s almost halfway through 2022, and the gods of technology have given us really bright smartphones. If you’re looking for performance, a smart camera or value, there’s everything on the full list of the top ten phones.

The best phone on this list may not be the ideal phone for everyone, so be sure to check out all ten phones. The best phone for you is on the market, you just have to see what is available.

This is of course a feature of Samsung and Apple, but looking more closely at Android competitors like OnePlus, Google and Xiaomi, it may mean that you have found your ideal mobile partner. Believe us, all of these phones offer something a little different, and it’s great.

Best smartphone 2022

  1. iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro
120Hz displayCinematography Mode and HDR algorithm need work
Superb camerasPricey
Top-tier performanceFrom $999
Improved battery life

Unlike 2020, when the standard iPhone 12 beat its sister Pro, the 2021 iPhone 13 Pro will surely win.

At first glance, the 13 Pro uses the familiar 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display, but Apple has finally decided to bring the ProMotion to the iPhone; The panel now peaks at super smooth 120Hz. The hook is also 20% smaller.

As for the cameras, the larger sensors and faster apertures mean improved performance in low light, a 3x telephoto snapper that allows for more comparable quality and shooting when you switch to the phone’s ultra-wide function (which still offers macro shooting capabilities). You can wait for the diaphragm. before.

Plus, the iPhone is still at the forefront of video recording, gaining some smart new features like Cinema Mode, and more control over what your shots look like right now.

If you combine this ProMotion technology with the phone’s powerful A15 Bionic chip and a larger battery, you can expect significant gains in longevity; it turns into a two-day iPhone with a single charge.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Excellent cameraBulky
Phenomenal displayExpensive
Stylus supportSlower charging

While mixed with features like the S21 Ultra Note, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the full successor to the 2020 Note 20 Ultra in everything but the name.

The design differs from other inputs in the Galaxy S22 series (much like “Note”) and includes an integrated S Pen stylus that takes functionality beyond most competitors, especially productivity.

Despite the familiar-looking camera hardware, improvements by Samsung make it one of the best systems on any phone right now; Equipped with an ultra-wide and two telephoto lenses at different magnification levels with a 108Mp main shooter – especially with improved zoom performance on previous models.

The large 6.8-inch LTPO AMOLED display offers both high WQHD + resolution and adaptive refresh rates of up to 120Hz, while complementing an impressive list of long-lasting software professionals that even surpass Google’s Pixels.

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3. iPhone 13

iPhone 13
Brilliant performanceStill a 60Hz display
Capable camerasNo telephoto camera
Long battery lifeSlow charging
Great value$799

Although lost on the 13 Pro‘s high update screen, the iPhone 13 continues to have the latest features like Apple’s latest 5nm A15 Bionic chip and the latest camera features like Cinema Mode.

The rear camera system now sits diagonally (there is still no telephoto sensor), primarily to accommodate the modified OIS (optical image stabilization) with the impact sensor typical of the 2020 iPhone 12 Pro Max, although at the front – although it , is the same as. Like the previous model’s 60 Hz refresh rate – you still get an amazing 6.1-inch OLED display with a smaller notch.

iOS 15 is an excellent upgrade to Apple’s already highly respected mobile operating system; By adding health features like a notification summary that constantly distracts you from your device.

Like the Pro, some of the best battery life on the iPhone comes as part of the iPhone 13 experience, but the fast charging speed still lags far behind the curve.

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4. Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro
120Hz displayBiggest, thickest, heaviest Pixel yet
Superb camerasAwkward fast charging
Slick OS$899
Greatly improved battery life

For 2021, Google has shaken everything up with the company’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, which offer its own Tensor silicone, and an updated Android 12 experience out of the box with a completely new design and some significantly improved cameras.

Despite violating the ‘Pixel XL’ naming convention, the 6 Pro is an undeniably large phone (just like the iPhone 13 Pro series) with an amazing QHD + curved edge OLED display that switches to a higher, smoother 120Hz refresh rate. for the first time in the series.

The camera system is also based on a new 50Mp main sensor, which offers an amazing dynamic range and demonstrates smart new features like Magic Eraser and rock solid Face Blur. It is also supported by 12Mp ultra wide and periscope 48Mp telephoto cameras with 4x optical zoom; This is far from the Pixel series’ one-touch approach to photography.

The Tensor doesn’t compare well to the competition, but it offers plenty of grit for real-life use by tackling the most demanding mobile apps and games, while also offering a special skill set for silicone-lagging machine learning and AI tasks.

The massive 5003 mAh battery provides the best battery life ever on the Pixel, even if the fast charging is a bit confusing.

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5. Oppo Find X5 Pro

Oppo Find X5 Pro
Best-in-class displayNo periscopic zoom
Versatile camerasExpensive
Unique design

Oppo Find X5 Pro is an excellent phone in every way. The 6.7-inch 10-bit 120Hz QHD + panel is currently one of the best displays on any phone, and Oppo supports it with 80W wired and 50W wireless charging, a 5000mAh battery, and a high-end camera with a 50Mp sensor in both. basic and ultra wide lenses.

You’ll have to live without a periscope magnifying lens – the telephoto here is a slight 2x magnification – but the results are excellent with all three rear lenses. The design is also unique thanks to the perfectly curved camera module embedded in the ceramic of the phone case.

In terms of pure performance, the Find X5 Pro is hard to beat with all of the above, plus a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, 256 GB of memory and 12 GB of RAM. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

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6. OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 10 Pro
Super-fast 80W wired chargingInconsistent cameras
Great longevityNo IP rating
Top specs$899

OnePlus’s latest flagship phone is a good alternative to the S22 or Pixel 6 series, especially if you live in the US and have a few high-end Android options.

With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and fast 80W wired charging, the 10 Pro has key features to accommodate everything its competitors have to offer, and we’re big fans of the sleek design, though not everyone.

Despite Hasselblad’s support, the camera system is still the phone’s main weakness, and it’s the main thing that sets it apart from the more expensive but similarly expressed Oppo Find X5 Pro.smartphone 2022

The installation of the rear tripod sensor is impressive, don’t get us wrong, but the inconsistencies – especially in the exposition – only serve to remind us that the best isn’t the best and make it harder to recommend; Although the OxygenOS user experience is excellent and the battery life is one of the best flagships on the market right now.

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7. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
Elegant folding designNo telephoto camera
Water resistanceMiddling battery life
More affordable than everStill needs to be tougher
Price$999 (128GB) | $1,049 (256GB)

Best smartphone 2022 Samsung has already taken the folding Galaxy Z Flip, which carries the foundation, improved every aspect from design to performance, and then made it even cheaper!

Z Flip 3 is a wonderful expression of the evolution of foldable smartphone technology and somehow manages to incorporate waterproofing into its design.

Battery life and dual cameras could have been better, but despite the flagship performance in the base design, the price of the Flip 3 also proves that the folding devices can tango in the same space as traditional smartphones without much sacrifice.

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8. Red Magic 7

Red Magic 7
Outstanding performanceClunky user experience
165Hz refresh rate displayBulky design
Greatly improved camerasDisappointing battery life
From$629 | Model reviewed $799

While a minor update to the Red Magic 6S Pro from 2021, the Red Magic 7 is pushing the boundaries as one of the first gaming phones to feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

The spectacular 165Hz display is based on the last few Red Magic flagships, while continuing to outperform its main rivals – making it ideal for gaming – and Nubia’s finally resolved camera performance is better than ever.

Red Magic 7’s Android launcher won’t suit everyone’s taste, switching to a smaller battery has proven to be a detrimental change (especially for a gaming phone) and it’s still a great device, but it’s upsetting the price / performance balance. The heroism of the game he facilitates is unparalleled.

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9. OnePlus Nord 2T

OnePlus Nord 2T
Flagship-class processorShort software support
Great main cameraPointless third camera
Clean software

Despite its mid-range location, the OnePlus takes its Nord 2T torch from its predecessor and is now one of the best mid-range apartments in the UK and Europe.

What Nord 2T really demonstrates is the company’s ability to prioritize the features that users are currently looking for and package them in an attractive package at an attractive price point. The performance is really at the flagship level.

Nord 2 misses advanced advantages such as wireless charging and waterproofing, but these are really the only concessions made here. Software support is just two years of Android updates and three years of security updates – Samsung, Google and Apple promise more.

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10. Xiaomi 12 Pro

Xiaomi 12 Pro
Nice designDisappointing battery life
Excellent displayNo IP rating
Strong cameras
Fast 120W chargingFrom $999

The Xiaomi 12 Pro smartphone has a lot of work to do, but it has a few major drawbacks.

It has an elegant, simple design, a beautiful display combined with four dynamic settings, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip offers impressive performance. In most cases, the camera system is also excellent, not the best in the class, but good.

Unfortunately, battery life is a clear failure – it can be fixed with updates, but so far this is disappointing. If you don’t spend your days too far away from the charger, this is the perfect phone.

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Your shopping guide for the best phones of 2022

When choosing a phone, you should take into account: quality and design, ease of use, features, performance and value creation.

In general, in 2022, a flagship phone will start at 700 pounds, but in some cases can rise above 1,000 pounds. Under the contract, you earn an average of £ 30 to £ 50 a month, but if you want an expensive phone and lots of mobile data, you can spend more.

While this list highlights the best smartphones currently available, it should be noted that this does not necessarily mean flagships (even if they are featured here a lot). There are also entrances that intersect with our mid-range and budget phone schedules, but they have earned their place here for the price and quality offered.

Buying a phone directly often gives you the best value, but we appreciate that real financing does not always cover such large one-time purchases. If you can, you will need a SIM card and a plan, as well as a phone. If you don’t have one yet, just look at our best SIM deals.

Should you buy an iPhone or Android phone?

There are many mobile operating systems, but it’s really worth talking about only two: Android and iOS.

Today, the vast majority of phones run on Android – the 12 most recently released versions. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS platform may have a smaller market share, but developers almost always release their apps on iOS first. It has one of the best software stores you can find as a result of this approach.

If you have an Android phone or iPhone and want to switch to a phone running another OS (OS), it is very easy to transfer your contacts and other selected information from one to another. The things you can’t transfer are paid apps and certain software data (WhatsApp backups), so if you’re thinking of a platform change, keep that in mind and investigate your process concerns.

Why should you buy an unlocked phone?

An unlocked phone is a phone that is not connected to any mobile operator such as Vodafone or EE. A “unlocked” purchase usually means you can buy the phone directly without any SIM card or contract.

The fact is that an unlocked phone is almost always cheaper than buying a contract phone – if you can.

The only real exception to this is Apple’s iPhones – due to their traditional popularity, carriers often subsidize the cost of buying an iPhone to tie you to a lucrative long-term deal.

In general, if you can pay the initial price of the phone, you will pay less for the life of your phone by buying it without a lock.

More importantly, you are not bound by a long contract. If you want to buy a new phone at any time, you can withdraw from this contract or buy a phone without any obligation for another two years.

Make sure the phone you are buying is not connected to a specific network.

The right SIM

Another thing to consider is the size and shape of the SIM required for your phone. If your phone requires a nano-SIM, be sure to get a nano-SIM.

Note that each phone on this list receives a nano-SIM.

If you misunderstand this, it can be easily solved; each network will gladly be sent via a different sized SIM card. SIM cards usually come in three sizes, just remove what you need.

However, this means that you have purchased a new SIM, and if you are looking for a SIM or an unlocked phone, you probably already have one.

More importantly, if you want 5G, make sure you get a phone and SIM capable of 5G. Best smartphone 2022

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