Godzilla will be the subject of an Amazon TV series set in the Monsterverse.

Godzilla fans will be pleased to learn that Legendary Pictures has created a live TV series based on Monsterverse for Apple TV Plus.

The press release says that the unnamed TV show will premiere on Apple’s streaming service on an unspecified date. A few details about the schedule have been revealed, so the next small screen adventure of Godzilla is still being prepared.

Surprisingly, the creator and executive producer of the series will also be the main author of the famous Marvel comic book. Matt Fraction (Star Trek: Enterprise, Desperate Housewives) will team up with Chris Black (Star Trek: Enterprise, Desperate Housewives) to implement the program. The classic Hawkeye comics had a big impact on the superhero’s current Disney Plus series.

The company behind the 1954 concept of Legendary Television, Safehouse Pictures and Godzilla will produce the Toho series and serve as the Black Showman. The executive producers will be Hiro Matsuoka from Toho and Takemasa Arita

We are pleased to announce the expansion of #Monsterverse with a completely new original live action series for @AppleTVPlus featuring #Godzilla and the Titans, who will explore the legendary heritage of a world where monsters are real. pic.twitter.com/0L9Om9DyJp January 20, 2022

According to an Apple press release, the Godzilla live-action series will tell the story of a family’s search for a secret generation that unites them with Godzilla and the Monarch, a secret organization that tracks other Titans in the Legendary’s Monsterverse.

The statement, which continued “after the great battle between Godzilla and the Titans that destroyed San Francisco,” said that Apple’s Godzilla TV show would air after Godzilla, the first episode of Monsterverse aired in 2014.

If so, it will be a prequel series set between Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which will be released in 2017. Apple has been contacted for confirmation and will update this item if we receive a response.

Godzilla’s 2021 film Monsterverse appeared in Godzilla vs Kong, where the two worked together to destroy Mechagodzilla before parting ways. It is unknown whether former Monsterverse stars such as Ken Watanabe will return, or whether the show will replace the Congolese film Son of God with Godzilla and Cong director Adam Wingard.

Will Godzilla be on TV? This happens more often than you expect

On the surface, the Godzilla TV show may seem like a strange choice. After all, the famous kaiju has appeared in a number of films in both Japanese and English during its nearly 70 years of existence.

However, Apple’s live Godzilla series won’t be the first Godzilla attempt to hit the small screen – it’s far from it. Godzilla, Adventure! She has appeared on many Toho TV shows, including! Godzillaland, Zone Fighter and Godzilla Island, to name a few.

Meanwhile, the Godzilla animation, produced by Hannah-Barbera in the United States, aired 26 series on NBC from 1978 to 1979. Godzilla: The Series was a sequel to the 1997 Fox animated film Godzilla, starring Matthew Broderick. Children from 1998 to 2000.

In recent years, various Godzilla anime series and movies have appeared on both shores of the Pacific Ocean. The release includes Godzilla Singular Point, a 2021 production of Bones and Orange anime that premiered on Tokyo MX in Japan and Netflix in other regions.

Although Godzilla is best known for his filmography, the ancient sea monster has also appeared on a number of television shows over the years. Thus, Apple’s live action series will not be an anomaly among the numerous Godzilla films; rather, it will be the last in a series of long television shows that use the famous kaiju as the protagonist. Given that we believe Godzilla should play the role of a springboard for future Monsterverse stories against Kong, we are pleased to learn that the new Godzilla series is in the works.

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