Google Pixel Tablet

Google’s I/O developer conference has brought a variety of new devices that we expect no one to have a Google Pixel Tablet, so that’s what we know so far

Nearly a decade after the company launched the Nexus 7 with the help of Asus, its branded Google tablet is finally on its way. It’s one of the best tablets of all time, but can it repeat this success under the search giant’s Pixel brand?

What is the release date of the Pixel Tablet?

Although Google has confirmed that it is back in the tablet market, the device is waiting for fans, as it will not come this year.

At I/O, the firm simply said it would share more information in 2023. O

Assuming Google doesn’t run into problems, we expect it to be released in Google I/O 2023, probably in May, or at a regular October event where Android 14 and perhaps the Pixel 8 are due to arrive.

How much will the Pixel Tablet cost?

Not surprisingly, the Pixel Tablet is still a long way off, but Google has not announced how much it will cost.

During I/O’s main output, the device was called a premium, which could be attributed to the price or possibly the device.

As far as we know, it doesn’t look like a competitor to the iPad Pro series or the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, so it would be wise for Google to target the Pixel Slate series at a very affordable price. Pixel 6 phones have been a huge success due to their competitive prices.

For the Pixel Tablet to be successful, the iPad, priced at £319/$329, must be priced at or below 2021.

What are the features of Pixel Tablet?

This is a preliminary view, ie we do not have much information about the technical features and specifications. What we do know is that the Pixel Tablet Google Tensor is equipped with the first SoC chip system you can find inside the company. For example, the Pixel 6a smartphone and of course Android.

But when the tablet arrives, it is likely that there will be a newer version of the Tensor chip.

From a brief look at Google, we can say that for starters it has front and rear cameras.

“Our tablet, designed to be the perfect companion for your Pixel phone, will fit into your daily routine and help you connect the moments you’re on the road with the moments you’re at home,” he said.

The screen looks about 10 to 11 inches with fairly large frames, and has four dynamic audio systems with two drivers at each end of the slate.

Under the G logo on the back, there is also a POGO pin connector for use with things like USB-C and four metal ports, keyboard boxes, so there is no need to connect an accessory via Bluetooth.

One thing that has emerged since I/O is that the Pixel Tablet supports the USI Universal Stylus Initiative. The Google tablet, code-named Tangor, is USI certified, as discovered by NuGiz.

It is impossible to say whether Tagnor is a different device, but it seems very difficult. It is unknown whether Google will equip the Pixel Tablet with a stylus.

The USI certificate states that the device will work with any USI certified stylus; therefore, it is possible that Google has not been part of USI since 2018, and it is supported on Chrome OS, but not on Android yet.

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