How to watch games on Xbox and Bethesda

Microsoft’s annual announcement between Xbox and Bethesda usually takes place at E3, but the mass video game event has been canceled for 2022. Regardless, we’ll still see an event from Microsoft in June

If you want to see the news live, we have everything you need to know. Find out who else is announcing the news on our alternative broadcasts E3 2022 this summer and see how you can join Nintendo Direct.

When the E3 Games Showcase on Xbox and Bethesda

The E3 Xbox and Bethesda Showcase will take place on Sunday, June 12, 2022. When will the event start in different parts of the world?

  • 6pm BST – UK
  • 7pm CEST – Central Europe
  • 1pm EST – East Coast US
  • 10am PDT – West Coast US
  • 10:30pm IST – India


How to watch E3 Showcase on Xbox and Bethesda

There are several ways to adapt to the showcase on Xbox and Bethes Xbox, YouTube  Twitch will host the broadcast on Twitter  TikTok and  Facebook

We will place the post closer to the publication date of this article so that you can bookmark it and view it directly here.

If you leave the event live, you will most likely be able to watch it on YouTube.

What can you expect from the E3 Showcase on Xbox and Bethesda?

As this is a showcase for both Xbox and Bethesda, both companies will be able to present news and trailers such as Xbox, Obsidian’s Avowed Fable Hellblade 2 and The Outer Worlds 2. To pass

We hope to finally hear more about Starfield from Bethesda, the delayed full trailer for Arkane Studios Redfall, another game that should be released alongside Starfield later this year.

We don’t hold our breath for any news about The Elder Scrolls VI, but you can imagine

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