OnePlus 11

OnePlus surprised many of us by releasing the standard version of OnePlus 10 in 2022 and moving directly to OnePlus 10 Pro.

Rumors continue to circulate that the non-Pro model may come with the new Ultra model, but it’s not clear which models will be released as we look forward to what the OnePlus 11 will hold. That’s all we know about the OnePlus 11 so far.

When will the OnePlus 11 be released?

There is no word on when the 11 or 11 Pro will arrive from OnePlus. Although we usually look at previous release models to announce when the new model will arrive, the standard OnePlus 10 10 Pro has been in China since January. It has been out globally since March and is still visible

Surprisingly, OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau told technoprices that there were no plans for other phones in the 10 series, but in April @OnLeaks tweeted that it would be the standard 10 and would also work with the Indian tech site. Number. It is usually very sensitive to leaks, so it will throw a big tabby among pigeons.

So when Digit announces that the OnePlus 10 will arrive in August 2022, perhaps alongside or before the OnePlus 10 Ultra, it will most likely wait for the usual calendar year before introducing the OnePlus successor. OnePlus 11 Still Mixed

If we look at the previous global release schedules for the OnePlus flagships, this is how it works.

As you can see, there are a few changes from the standard models. First, there was no 9T model. The T series was usually released about 6 months after the standard (i.e. 8, then 8T), but this did not happen in 2021. At the time, the OnePlus 10 was non-existent (at least not yet), meaning the difference between the flagship versions was a year.

So, if OnePlus follows this new schedule, it will be March 2023 when it sees the OnePlus 11 Pro. However, if the OnePlus goes on August 10, the OnePlus 11 will go on sale in August 2023, and the 11 Pro will go on sale in March.

How much will the OnePlus 11 cost?

We will use previous models to take a picture of us, as there is no confirmation of prices from OnePlus. Here are the prices for the last few flagships

If it goes with only one Pro model for the OnePlus 11 series, it will most likely be close to the price of the current 10 Pro, otherwise we hope to see something a little cheaper on the OnePlus 9. Reducing production and distribution and Russia’s intervention in Ukraine are starting to drive up prices.

What features and specifications will we see in the OnePlus 11?

If the @OnLeaks report proves to be correct in the specifications, but it turns out that it is for the next generation phone, the OnePlus 11 can be equipped with the following equipment.

  • 6.7-inch Full HD+ AMOLED LTPO display with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen1+ or MediaTek Dimensity 9000 SoC
  • 8GB/12GB RAM
  • 128GB/256GB Storage 
  • 50Mp Wide camera
  • 16Mp Ultra Wide camera
  • 2Mp Macro camera
  • 32Mp selfie camera
  • 4,800mAh battery with 150W Fast Charging
  • Android 12
  • Oxygen OS 12

Other reports include a magnetic rotating camera for the OnePlus 11 Pro Let’s Go Digital.

OnePlus 11

This innovation seems to allow users to create new angles for photos, to adapt the camera to difficult situations, where the photographer has to put himself in awkward positions to take a picture, and also act as a stabilization form for video shooting.

Working with designer Technizo Concepts, the site has created several concepts to show what a finished device can look like.

If the OnePlus surprises everyone again and comes out with a standard 10 this year, or will simply be back for another Pro 2023, we look forward to what the next generation will bring. then. what you can buy today

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