Redmi Note 12

The Redmi Note 11 may have gone on sale globally, but reports of a new generation Note are already popping up, and that’s all we know so far about the potential power center that the Redmi Note 12 will be.

When will the Redmi Note 12 be released?

We haven’t seen an official date for when Xiaomi Redmi will be one of the future brands of the Note 12, but we do know that the brand’s strategy now is to release two series each year. This was repeated by the general manager of Lu Weibing. In a recent Weibo post by Redmi

He said that since last year, the Redmi Note series has launched two generations of product strategy per year, with one generation of extreme performance focused on the different needs and comprehensive choices of King Kong and other generation King Kong users. practice experience.

Being a lifestyle version of the Note 11 series, the upcoming Note 12 series should add a little more vitality to operations.

Looking at these dates, we seem to have delayed the release of the Note 12 series, but keep in mind that the Note 11 will be available in China for a long time on October 11, but will only be globalized in early 2022. There is a hit delay for the Note 12 series

Like many Chinese brands currently facing US trade embargoes, Redmi devices are not expected to go on sale in North America.

How much will the Redmi Note 12 cost?

As the phones have not been announced yet, we do not have confirmed details about the prices. However, we can look at the previous model to see what to expect.

We cannot see that the Note 12 series is far from these price structures, as they are also compatible with their fixed counterparts Poco and Xiaomi. I hope good mandatory prices go up a bit

What features and specifications will we see in the Redmi Note 12?

It is clear that Xiaomi has not yet been able to break the coverage. We do not yet have official specifications for the various models to be introduced in the Note 12 series. We have seen information about several phones that are thought to be Note 12 models. Chinese site TENAA. This confirms their use in the region. Technology journalist Abhishek Yadav posted them on Twitter with various features.

Two Redmi Note 12 series smartphones appear in TENAA certification

22041216UC & 22041216C
4300mAh & 4980mAh
– 6.6″ FHD+
– 8.8mm thick
– Android 12 #Xiaomi #RedmiNote12— Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd) April 22, 2022

If these are really two of the Note 12 series, it looks like Redmi will use 6.6-inch Full HD + displays similar to the 6.67-inch displays used in the Redmi Note 10 Pro and Note 11 Pro.

The 8.8 mm thickness mentioned in the article indicates a possible change in the design, which is more noticeable than the 8.1 mm used in the 11 and 10 series devices. Thanks to the 4500mAh battery, most devices except the Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G are on display at TENAA, both devices support 5G dual SIM and come with Android 12

Given this, can these be the Redmi Note 12 Pro + 5G and Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G models?

Notebookcheck has already announced that Redmi will introduce three Note 12 series devices in China, which are expected to use MediaTek Dimensity 810 1300 and 8000 chipsets.

We will update this article as more information becomes available, so check back regularly to see what we can find.

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