Windows 11 Will Add A Watermark Do Not Use Old Hardware

When newer versions of operating systems arrive, you throw away or replace the old ones. So far, there are 11 versions of Microsoft Windows. The latest is Windows 11. It is also important to use the latest equipment. Thus, the operating system will support it. If you do not have such a device, the operating system will put a watermark on it. Yes! It will be now. Read the details below.

Attention: Watermark added

Watermarks are only disabled by Microsoft or are not protected for pirated versions of Windows. The Verge has found that the latest Release Preview structure (22000.588) adds a hint to the screen if you use a solution to run Windows 11 on an incompatible device. If you try, you will receive a “system requirements not met” message. And it leads you to adapt to learn more. However, it has no functional limitations.

The watermark was first tested in the first versions of Win- 11, released in February. Its appearance in the Release Preview suggests that Microsoft is close to warning as a full-featured software upgrade.

Windows 11 requires an 8th generation Intel Core processor or an AMD Zen + or Zen 2 architecture processor. Many people believe that the break is accidental. Therefore, they use a registry approved by Microsoft to bypass CPU checks. Also, install the operating system without receiving a rejection letter. Microsoft said that although the program will continue to work, it may not provide updates to these computers.

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Windows 11: Upgrade to Compatible Hardware

Such a purely decorative label acts more like a deterrent than a deterrent. This reminds you that if the software fails on an incompatible machine, Microsoft will not be able to help you. If you find it difficult to avoid CPU inspection in the first place, you can probably delete the watermark. Still, it can be painful if you’re running Windows 11 on a non-supported computer without any problems.

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